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Meet the new WWF Conservation Champion farms

Five farms in the Cape winelands attain WWF Conservation Champion status

WWF South Africa welcomes five new farms into its prestigious Conservation Champion programme that recognises environmental leaders in the Cape winelands. Conservation Champion farms are committed to regenerative farming practices, including conserving natural systems and biodiversity on their land and optimal water and energy efficiency.  

The five farms to have joined the programme in the past six months are: 
Anthonij Rupert Wyne (Franschhoek)
Journey’s End Vineyards (Somerset West)
Mooiplaas (Stellenbosch)
Nederburg Wines (Paarl)
• Tierhoek (Robertson) 

In exchange for their commitment to nature and adhering to WWF's high standards, Conservation Champions may use the distinctive sugarbird logo on their wines to guide environmentally concerned consumers in their purchases. WWF also supports these farms by co-developing detailed environmental management plans, setting tangible targets and helping them to prioritise actions to address their most pressing environmental risks. 

Among the five new members, Mooiplaas has a long history of engagement with WWF. It was the first farm to sign up to the original Biodiversity & Wine Initiative (BWI) in the early 2000s. This was at a time when the wine industry was expanding rapidly into highly threatened habitats – and spurred a partnership between the conservation sector and the wine industry as custodians of the land. Over time, BWI evolved into today’s Conservation Champions which are recognised for the leading role they play in showing the way forward for more environmentally friendly farming practices. 

Welcoming the newcomers to the fold, Shelly Fuller, manager of WWF’s Fruit and Wine programme, commented: “Our 45 Conservation Champions are proof that progressive farming practices and regenerative farming go hand in hand. We are delighted to welcome these newcomers into our ranks and look forward to more exciting innovations which promote farming in harmony with nature in our uniquely biodiverse corner of the world.” 

Many of these farms have had an economic knock during the Covid pandemic due to multiple lockdowns and bans on the sale of alcohol, but there are many safe activities to be enjoyed on the farms, from mountain biking to hiking, picnics and outdoor dining.

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Mooiplaas was the first wine farm to sign up as a BWI member

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