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The family-owned Mooiplaas farm is the first WWF Conservation Champion in the Bottelary ward of Stellenbosch.

Mooiplaas became a Conservation Champion following the review of their 2020 IPW-audit (Integrated Production of Wine) which acknowledges the environmental responsibility of their production practices. As a Champion they will implement an environmental management plan that includes the management of the 81 hectares – one third of their total land – which consists of critically endangered Swartland Granite Renosterveld.

In care of this special vegetation, owner Tielman Roos registered the Mooiplaas Private Nature Reserve in 1995 and he also played a key role in establishing the Bottelary Hills Renosterveld Conservancy in 2002. 

It is amidst this incredible natural vegetation that Mooiplaas produce their award-winning wines which scored top marks in the South Africa 2020 Report and Decanter Awards.

Mooiplaas is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts with mountain biking and a scenic 5.6 km circular hike with breath-taking 360-degree views. For the less adventurous it is perfect for a wine tasting or sitting in the garden and enjoying a gourmet picnic or cheese platter. There is also self-catering accommodation on offer. 

Area conserved: 81 hectares

Location: Stellenbosch
Membership date: November 2020

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