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WWF and business

Generating collective action, stimulating innovation and mobilising resources for shared value and systems change.

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Climate change, corporate governance and the loss of natural assets are some of the threats facing business today. By working together, we can achieve large-scale, long-lasting environmental, social and economic benefits.


We live in a critical time in determining the future of business and our planet. WWF works to bring about the kind of change needed to achieve positive change for people and nature.
We understand that challenges such as climate change, energy security and the loss of natural capital pose major risks to the sustainability of communities and the corporations that depend on them. Many companies have already made positive advances while others are yet to embark on this journey, unsure of where to start.
That’s where WWF comes in. And it’s why we don’t only work with companies who are already doing most things ‘right’. Sometimes the biggest changes can come about by forming challenging relationships and creating constructive solutions together. 

Who do we work with?

WWF works with over 2800 businesses globally. In South Africa, we work with over 100 different businesses to drive positive and sustainable environmental change.



We enter into partnerships with committed companies to inform and develop progressive strategies and approaches to tackle environmental risks and create opportunities to engage customers, investors and for employees to play their role in contributing to positive change.
Together we work on direct commodities and supply chain issues, through to ensuring businesses align with global initiatives such as the Paris Agreement, Convention on Biodiversity and the Sustainable Development Goals. From the shop floor, through the boardroom, to the investors and stakeholders financing business - we engage proactively at all levels to make a positive difference.
Your business can join WWF through a transformative partnership, strategic partnerships or by joining our Business Network. 

Become a corporate partner

The choices your business makes have a real and direct impact on the planet. Find out how you can make a difference or contact Tsitsi Mkombe.

Become a partner

We cannot do it alone

The natural world shows us in so many ways a simple truth: there is strength in numbers. At WWF, we envision a world in which people and nature thrive - but we’ll only get there if we all play a role. Join us, today.

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