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You play a vital part in conservation. You can enable positive change for our country, your community and your family’s future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WWF South Africa is a registered public benefit organisation (PBO number 130002490). Donations to us not only contribute to saving the environment but they may also save you money, as certain donations are tax deductible.

Donations which meet the requirements of the Income Tax Act may qualify for a 18A receipt, which will enable you to access this benefit. There is a limit on the amount of a qualifying donation that will be allowed as a tax deduction in any year of assessment, but the good news is that any excess amount which is disallowed in the tax year you made the donation solely because it exceeds the amount allowed, may be carried forward to the next tax year for purposes of section 18A.

It is important to note that with your donation must reflect in our bank account by close of business on 28 February in any year to be eligible for a section 18A receipt in the same tax year. Qualifying donations received later will only be entitled to a section 18A receipt for the next tax year.

Further, donations towards our work may qualify as a spend towards an SED project in terms of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Act.


  1. Proof of payment of the donation OR proof of donation of an item/service (a receipt can only be issued after receiving a donation and not prior to)

  2. Name of donor 

  3. Physical address of donor 

  4. Amount of donation 

  5. Nature of donation: Cash amount or Other (Value, description, and details of how value was determined) Date of donation

Please note that we are unable to provide a S18A certificate without the above information provided in full.

WWF South Africa has embarked upon telefundraising as a channel for raising much-needed funds to support our conservation efforts and environmental work.

Potential donors who have shown an interest to support WWF, are contacted via telephone and invited to support us as a donor. Anyone who receives a phone call will have the chance to speak with our dedicated and friendly telefundraisers about how they can make a donation.

Besides donating funds today to support WWF’s critical conservation work, there are many ways ranging from donating loyalty card points to air miles which also contribute to our work benefiting people and nature.