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Farming Facts and Futures: Reconnecting South Africa's food systems to its ecosystems

This report is a snapshot of the state of play of the agricultural context in South Africa, from an ecological and social perspective.

The practice of growing crops, raising livestock or tending trees – producing the food and fibre vital for humanity’s survival – has never before faced the multitude and diversity of challenges that now beset the sector. In the face of rising input costs, increasingly erratic weather patterns and social and political complexity this is not only an industry on the move; it is also one faced with the urgent need to adapt to the changing context, or otherwise slide into irreversible decline.

This report is a snapshot of the state of play of the agricultural context in South Africa, from an ecological and social perspective. As such, it is intended to be a supporting tool to those in agriculture who are, cognisant of the changing context, doing what is necessary to shift towards a resilient future. It should be noted that much of the available agricultural statistics are still largely outdated, with little consensus on up-to-date, accurate and consistent data, particularly with regard to the number of growers (commercial and small-scale household farming) and land holdings. This highlights the need and urgency for increased investment and research in this sector to support and inform well-directed and effective policy decisions and implementation.
Farming Facts and Futures is aimed at serving a sector interested in what to do, how to move and how to drive a sustainable agenda that will underpin the ability of South Africa, not just to put food on the table but also to create a flourishing rural economy and ecology.

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Farming Facts and Futures

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