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As the global human population grows, overfishing, pollution and climate change threaten the survival of marine ecosystems - and the many people that rely on them.

Why does it matter?

The oceans produce 70% of Earth's oxygen. They absorb vast amounts of COand drive the Earth's weather systems. They're an essential source of food, feeding over a billion people. Plus, South Africa's coastal goods & services contribute 1/3 to our GDP.

Did you know?

More creatures live in the oceans than on land, with over 12 000 marine species in South African waters alone.

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What is WWF doing?

We're working towards healthy oceans that support biodiversity, sustainable livelihoods and a thriving economy. WWF engages with government, businesses and communities to develop an integrated approach to looking after our oceans.

A huge victory

After 20 years of work, the Prince Edward Islands were declared SA's first offshore marine protected area in 2013. Situated 2 000 kms from our coast, the spectacular marine reserve is home to a population of wandering albatross.

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Join us in taking care of our planet's life support system.

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