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WWF Nedbank Green Trust application for funding

The WWF Nedbank Green Trust welcomes all organisations doing work in the environmental outcomes sector of South Africa to partner with the Green Trust so that the trust can achieve its vision of igniting new ways for people and nature to thrive.

Funding application process

  1. All applicants must apply to the Green Trust through the website http://www.wwf.org.za/what_we_do/green_trust/ using the application form. All information related to the Green Trust is found at this website as well.
  2. Study the funding guidelines and determine if your proposed project concept will make a significant and catalytic contribution to the WWF Nedbank Green Trust environmental outcomes.
  3. All project applications submitted to the WWF Nedbank Green Trust through the website are received by WWF South Africa.
  4. Applications will be received 3 times a year. Please see the website for the submission dates.
  5. Once received the submission undergoes the following internal process (not necessarily in this order):
    • The WWF Nedbank Green Trust Manager and the relevant WWF environmental outcomes professional (external professionals may be consulted where required) conduct the initial review as to whether the project makes a contribution to the strategy
    • Based on this initial screening the submission is tabled at the WWF Strategic Review Meeting. This is where the projects are tested as to whether the strategic contribution is significant enough to invest in. If it is not significant enough a decline letter will be issued and the decline recorded in the minutes of this meeting.
    • If it passes the strategic review meeting, it is submitted to the WWF Project Approval Governance Meeting.
    • Once approved at the Project Approval Meeting it is submitted to the Green Trust Management Committee for final decision. The Management Committee is represented by WWF and Nedbank professionals.
  6. Concepts received take a minimum of 30 days to be screened for attractiveness for the Green Trust. Where it takes longer, we encourage applicants to contact WWF to track the progress of their application.
  7. The WWF Nedbank Green Trust strongly advises that all project applicants work closely with the relevant WWF SA Programme Manager in the development of project submissions before they are submitted as there is a great probability of acceptance if the project strongly aligns to the WWF Nedbank Green Trust investment strategy as advised by WWF.

​Funding submission dates

5 April 2019
13 August 2019
6 December 2019

Please email finalised fo‌rms to Sheyaam September at sseptember@wwf.org.za.  Please email the fo‌rms in Word and do not convert them to PDF or any other formats.

Application form