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Investing in biodiversity in southern Africa

For investors to meaningfully address the biodiversity crisis and tackle their impact on biodiversity loss, lower biodiversity-linked portfolio risks and source investment opportunities that support biodiversity, it is critically important that they understand the causes and drivers of this crisis, both globally and for their local contexts.

Understanding the place of humans – including investor communities – in nature is largely informed by the dissociated relationship between the market price and the value of ecosystem goods and services in economic and financial systems.
Financial institutions and business can no longer overlook nature in their decision-making because functioning economic and social systems are dependent on functioning natural systems. Therefore, this report offers investors and companies case studies, analytics and evidence-based insights from credible sources to support the decisions that drive their strategies. It links nature and business performance and shows how investors can find finance solutions with nature-positive outcomes.

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Investing in Biodiversity in southern Africa report

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