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The Sustainable Landscape Finance Coalition

Our planet’s biodiversity rich landscapes and seascapes are under threat from human activities, climate change and increasing populations. The functioning of these landscapes is critical to healthy functioning societies and economies.

Degradation to our landscapes, and the biodiversity it supports, is on the rise and the need for solutions to address landscape level conservation is becoming more urgent. Finding the finance to support these solutions is a challenge and hurdle for conservation projects. The Sustainable Landscape Finance Coalition was created to help address this key challenge. The Collation represent a cross sector collaborative platform whose goal is to drive innovative solutions to address this financing challenge.

Since its inception the Sustainable Landscape Finance Coalition has been active on numerous fronts with regards to landscape finance. This report describes the work of the Coalition and provides readers with an introduction into the Coalition. Beyond the introduction the report goes into detail around the Coalition’s approach to financial solutions, the solutions its incubated, piloted and scaled.

Environmental conservation at a landscape level is a difficult task and traditional ways of funding interventions have fallen short of attracting the necessary scale of finance urgently needed. The Coalition has been successful in mobilising capacity and resources to rise to the challenge and tackle landscape finance head on. However the work needed to achieve its overall objective is far from over. This report is intended to help people learn more about the Coalition’s activities and approaches to inspire people to join the Coalition and work with us to scale its work and broaden its impact.

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The sustainable landscape finance coalition report

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