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Plastics: From recycling to (post-consumer) recyclate

Industry views on barriers and opportunities in South Africa

From retailers to recyclers, informal waste collectors to plastic converters, what do the key players in the plastic packaging value chain see as the main barriers – and opportunities – to drive increased recycling and use of post-consumer recycled content?

This easy-to-navigate report captures opinions from direct and indirect stakeholders in the plastics value chain, as well as from food packaging experts. The research was an in-depth investigation of the inherent barriers to increasing the recycling rates of plastic packaging in South Africa and to the development of end markets for post-consumer recyclate.
Packaging design and demand for recyclate are among the barriers identified that hinder the systemic shift towards a circular plastic packaging economy.
A practical infographic introduces the interdependence of each stakeholder in the plastics value chain, and the specific roles and interconnected actions needed to accelerate towards a vibrant recycling industry and a circular economy.

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Plastics: From recycling to (post-consumer) recyclate

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