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Cape Town groundwater fact sheet

Down the slopes of Table Mountain are springs, followed by rivers and wetlands in the flatter areas of the Cape Flats. These visible waterpoints are connected to a complex underground source of water that plays important roles in the landscape.

Groundwater is used by the City of Cape Town, as well as businesses and private residences. This underground water also feeds some of the surface waters and freshwater ecological hotspots in the city. Like any renewable resource, if we take out more than is going in over the long term, it can run out.
Unsustainable groundwater abstraction, current and future, represents a critical risk to water resources, groundwater-dependent ecosystems and the water resilience of the people of Cape Town. This fact sheets presents some interesting findings from a borehole survey and a collaborative way of ensuring sustainable use of groundwater in Cape Town.

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Cape Town groundwater fact sheet

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