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Food security fragility in a mining-dependent town

During the COVID-19 pandemic, stakeholders who have often been guilty of talking past one another have collaborated in a coordinated way on both health matters and food aid. Arguably the time is right to seek a new social compact that prioritises reducing household food insecurity and vulnerability to multi-dimensional poverty.

To obtain a snapshot of food security and related issues in the mining town of Postmasburg in the Northern Cape, Mining Dialogues 360° (MD360°) undertook a 120-household purposive telephonic survey during lockdown utilising the networks and services of a local youth organisation (Project 8420). This was supplemented by 21 interviews with key informants. The survey was a follow-on to the community consultation work that MD360° had previously undertaken in the second half of 2019.
The purpose of the report is to gain a sense of the on-the-ground realities of mining-dependent towns when mines are closed due to COVID in the immediate term but also due to a move away from coal in the future. This understanding enables us to better mitigate against socio-economic costs to future mine closures. 

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Food security fragility in a mining-dependent town

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