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A practical guide for community-run nurseries

A major threat to many rivers and strategic water source areas is the ever-growing threat of water-thirsty alien invasive plants. They spread quickly, often crowding out the indigenous vegetation.

Once these alien-infested areas have been cleared, they need to be maintained – and ultimately restored to a natural state, with naturally-occurring plants. To this end, there is a need to propagate locally-found indigenous plants that can be actively replanted back into cleared sites.
Restoration not only stops further degradation of land and water resources, it also creates opportunities for those living in the water source areas to have a sustainable livelihood.
Available in both English and Afrikaans, this practical ‘how to’ guide provides an overview of the skills and knowledge needed to run a community-based nursery and to grow indigenous plants that can be planted back into nature. It is organised into three easy sections: introduction, general principles of propagation and propagation techniques. 

Download the Afrikaans version here.

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WWF Community Nursery Guide

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