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Farm torque: electric orchard tractors

Farm torque: electric orchard tractors

The imperative to substantially reduce global carbon emissions requires the manufacturing of products and goods in low-carbon ways. Electric orchard tractors could replace up to 8 000 small tractors on horticultural farms and undertake a diverse array of low-energy applications with numerous benefits.

This paper presents the business case for the introduction of electric orchard tractors. Such a move could do much to reduce the overall total lifetime cost of farm vehicles. In addition, many farming activities are stop-start and low speed, making them ideally suited to electric vehicles with their low-speed, high-torque characteristics.

Not only are the running costs of electric vehicles far lower, but they are highly efficient. The replacement of hydrocarbon tractors with electic orchard tractors has the potential to result in a substantial reduction in carbon emissions from this sector.

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Farm torque: electric orchard tractors

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