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Let’s get to legal work on climate change mitigation

Let’s get to legal work on climate change mitigation

South Africa is busy drafting a climate change law, and a ‘Legal Framework’ has been put out for public comment (see https://www.caia.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/1607_VERSION_2.pdf).

This will give legal effect to the country’s proposed Mitigation System, which includes elements such as company-level ‘carbon budgets’ (greenhouse gas emissions allowances), carbon offsets, potentially carbon trading, and compliance mechanisms.

WWF has made input on the Mitigation System and the Legal Framework – and gone a step further in providing actual legal text that can provide a concrete starting point. WWF’s approach of providing solutions, not just critiques, means we enjoy excellent uptake in the policy arena.

This document contains two illustrative regulations that we suggest are a cut-and-paste solution into a legal framework to implement and manage company carbon budgets. They are companion pieces which should be read together – Carbon Budget Regulations and Mitigation Plan Regulations. These illustrative regulations are drafted in a way that they can either be promulgated under the existing National Environment Management Act: Air Quality Act 39 of 2004, or a new standalone climate change law.

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Cut-and-paste legal regulations for company carbon budgets

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