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WWF-Mondi Wetlands Programme: Celebrating 25 Years

For 25 years the WWF-Mondi Wetlands Programme has been at the forefront of wetlands conservation

The year 2016 marks a laudable milestone in the history of wetland conservation in South Africa: the 25th anniversary of the WWF-Mondi Wetlands Programme (WWF‑MWP).

As one of the country’s longest running privately funded conservation programmes, it has stimulated an understanding of the important role wetlands play and helped move wetlands to the forefront of conservation efforts over the past 25 years. Just as importantly, it has driven change in the way wetlands are identified, delineated, restored and protected across sectors in South Africa and beyond.
This publication tells the story of the programme’s rich history and key achievements.

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WWF-MWP Celebrating 25 Years

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