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Asiphe Xubuzi

2023 Intern

Asiphe Xubuzi is keenly aware of modern-day solutions to societal problems, but she also holds the values of ancient cultures, particularly African culture, close to her heart. When she recently gave someone an Ankh charm on a necklace as a gift, she commented that it embodies much of what she values: peace, hope and courage.

Asiphe completed an undergraduate degree in Environmental and Water Science and then a postgraduate diploma in Integrated Water Resource Management, both at the University of the Western Cape. She was delighted to be chosen for an internship with the South African Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) where she will be working as a programmer analyst. This will see her designing and building web pages, assisting non-technical members of staff and assisting with coding.

We spoke to her to find out more about what she is passionate about and how she sees her future:

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about nature and conservation. I believe societal problems can be resolved using technology and the creation of tailormade software solutions that can respond to changing situations.

What inspired your choice of study?

I selected Environmental Sciences to understand how people and the Earth interact. I come from a disadvantaged area where people are unaware of environmental issues, so I was keen to learn how to raise awareness, as I would like people to manage natural resources effectively and holistically.

What excites you about your internship?

I'm excited about this internship because it will allow me to use my knowledge of environmental science and software development. This will broaden my skill set. SANBI’s goal is in line with my personal and professional beliefs, and I expect to fit into its culture very well.

What are your expectations of this internship?

During this internship, I hope to learn more and acquire professional skills to handle difficulties in my field in the future. I also hope to improve my employability so that I can find permanent work as soon as possible.

What contribution do you hope to make towards a future in which people and nature thrive?

I aim to promote an ecofriendly lifestyle so that people become more conscious of how to protect the environment.

Who inspires you most and why?

My family inspires me because they motivate me to become a better version of myself.

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