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Cally Jansen

2023 Intern

For Cally Jansen from Cape Town, religion, nature and art are all very important aspects of life, and they’re inextricably linked. You might find depictions of nature and Christianity in her paintings, while her awe of the natural world is infused with her sense of faith.  

She has committed her life to helping protect nature, and to this end completed a Master’s degree in Biological Sciences. Cally has been placed with the WILDTRUST for an internship where she will be assisting with risk assessments and development of sustainability initiatives.  

We asked Cally a few questions to find out more about her past, present and future: 

What are you passionate about?   

Through my growth as a Christian, I have developed a passion for helping people. I am passionate about the environment and teaching others about it. I also have a heart for travel and would like to visit as many new places as possible. I enjoy expressing myself creatively through drawing and painting. 

What inspired your choice of study?  

In high school, I became aware of the increasing threats to the environment, such as pollution and climate change. This inspired me to want to help protect nature. In my undergraduate degree I learnt a vast amount about biodiversity and became especially interested in the impact of invasive species. This became the focus of my Honours degree in Biodiversity and Ecology. For my Master’s degree, I focused on pollination ecology as I had become fascinated with the diversity of plant-pollinator interactions and the potential of undiscovered systems. 

What excites you about your internship?  

The WILDTRUST takes on a variety of marine and terrestrial conservation projects that balance many different components such as stakeholder needs, biodiversity and the search for creative solutions. I will thus be exposed to many different aspects of conservation in an organisation that balances the protection of the environment with the needs and rights of people living in that environment. 

What are your expectations of this internship?  

I expect to gain an understanding of how conservation practises are applied in the real world and how people and the environment can impact and rely on one another. I hope to learn how to interact with different stakeholders and to discover more about how different initiatives can promote the sustainable use of natural resources. 

What contribution do you hope to make towards a future in which people and nature thrive?  

I would like teach others about nature and influence them to protect it. If others are made aware of our reliance on nature and the need to use resources sustainably for the sake of future generations, they will get more involved in conservation. My ultimate goal is to land in a decision-making role with regard to environmental issues. 

Who inspires you most and why?  

I am inspired by my parents who were able to rise above their circumstances and build a good life for our family. I learnt to make the most of my opportunities and work hard because of the example they set. From my parents, I learnt the importance of being respectful towards people and the environment.

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