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Nature needs you to speak up for the world you want

We are living in unprecedented times, staring down the barrel of a health crisis and unfolding climate crisis but WWF’s #NatureMatters #YouthMatters campaign is your chance to raise your voice for people and nature and help to shape our future.

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Raise your voice for nature and people during Youth Month 2020

The month of June is when we celebrate the historic social and political influence of South Africa’s young people and Youth Month 2020 presents us all with a unique opportunity to speak up for a world that puts nature and people first.

As we emerge from nearly three months in lockdown (can you believe it?) we have a chance to consider the kind of world we want to rebuild. This is why WWF is calling on South Africans to raise their voice for a new deal for nature and people.

The campaign has been supported by some of South Africa’s leading lights, including entrepreneur, TV presenter and influencer Maps Maponyane who has driven home the importance of nature as a provider of employment, food, water, health and the clean air we breathe - everything we need to survive and thrive. 

Award-winning actor John Kani shared his powerful message to the youth, saying "We need to step up to the plate, all of us, and make sure we protect and safeguard the heritage that we will hand over to the next generation."

TV and radio presenter Zoë Brown focuses our gaze on our collective power to secure the future we want to see, explaining that when we invest in nature, we invest in future generations.

TV presenter and doctor, Fezile Mkhize points out that we are staring down the barrel of a sixth mass extinction which is why conversations around the protection of nature are so critical right now.

Facing immense challenges in the form of climate change and nature loss, we also have the extraordinary opportunity to influence the future of our nation - an opportunity that puts us on a new path towards a sustainable future, as hip-hop artist Proverb explains.

Media personality Claire Mawisa has pointed out that to ensure healthy children, we need to ensure a healthy planet. "If we want our children to not only be healthy, but for them to thrive, we need to make sure we not only protect their personal health but also the health of the environment around them. We need to make sure our water sources are clean. We need to make sure our food supplies are sustainable and protected. We also need to make sure the air they breathe into their lungs is clean."

Kia Johnson, 50/50 presenter and radio personality, explains how she’s brought daily nature-saving initiatives into her home, explaining "Nature gives back to us in so many different ways and we need to invest in the future for nature and for the environment."

Nature is declining at an unprecedented rate and our planet is warming too fast. These pandemics are putting our futures at risk, in particular our youth.

Join our band of committed nature champs by raising your voice today so we can secure a new deal for nature and people now and by 2030.

Melissa du Preez Photo
Melissa du Preez, Communications Officer

Seeing and treating one another as equals can mean a world of change. For Nature. For You.

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