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How WWF is connecting you to nature

This month we’ve been sharing our top guides to enjoying and making the most of the #GreenHolidays. We have many initiatives that help connect you to nature.

​Get SASSI for sustainable seafood

WWF has taken the guesswork out of choosing sustainable seafood. The WWF Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative provides a “traffic light” system, which makes it easier to pick seafood that is sustainably sourced. The green list tells you which seafood can be eaten with a clear conscience, the orange list cautions you to think twice and the red list warns you about which seafood should be avoided altogether, because it’s either unsustainable or illegal to sell it in South Africa.

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Use the WWF-SASSI app to guide your 'green' seafood choices.
​Cheers to green wine

The Conservation Champion Wine Farm Guide is a GPS-enabled digital collection of WWF’s 38 champion wine farms offering information on a variety of activities as well as a glance into their conservation journeys. It also provides special offers and promotions. Having this information at your fingertips makes it easy to plan your next day trip or weekend escape with a hike or mountain bike trail. By choosing one of these farms, you’re assured of a spectacular experience in the heart of the floral kingdom.

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WWF's wine app brings green wine to the tips of your fingers.
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South Africa’s varied landscapes and exquisite coastlines are home to many unique creatures. They can also provide the perfect reprieve from our urban surroundings – be it for a hike, cycle or swim, or that extended holiday.

WWF identifies the most significant and sensitive ocean places for both wildlife and people, and we work to conserve these areas.

Find out more about these magical spaces.

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The West Coast National Park is particularly well known for its bird life and spring flowers - a marine protected area worth celebrating.
​Explore our partners

WWF works with many like-minded organisations that work For Nature. For You. Why not explore what they have to offer.

Melissa du Preez Photo
Melissa du Preez, Communications officer

Melissa is all about bringing good lifestyle habits that are good For Nature. For You.

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