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Top Cape Town restaurant wins first Green Philosophy Plate award

FYN restaurant in Cape Town has been awarded the first Green Philosophy Plate by South Africa’s JHP Gourmet Guide.

This high-end Japanese Afro-fusion restaurant in central Cape Town has previously been voted the top restaurant in Africa and features on the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

The 2024 JHP Gourmet Guide™ showcases the best fine-dining establishments in South Africa, rewarding excellence and consistency in the industry. Established in 2016, it is the first restaurant rating system in South Africa that equates to global standards of international benchmarking.

One plate is awarded for excellent cuisine, two for exceptional dining that demands a detour, and three plates for world-class destination dining worthy of a flight.

For the first ever Green Philosophy Plate award, the JHP Gourmet Guide™ partnered with the WWF Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (WWF-SASSI).

WWF-SASSI drives change in the local seafood industry by working throughout the seafood supply chain to shift demand away from over-exploited marine species. It does this through its easy-to-use ‘traffic light’ system that enables sustainable seafood decisions.

A cornerstone of the programme is to drive an increase in awareness of sustainable seafood by asking three questions: What are you eating? Where is it from and how was it caught or farmed? This enables full traceability and transparency within the culinary industry.

FYN was awarded the inaugural Green Philosophy Plate, celebrating chefs Peter Tempelhoff, Ashley Moss and their team who are making remarkable strides in sustainability.

WWF-SASSI recognises that sustainability is a journey, and success is not achieved overnight. These chefs have made it their daily ambition to keep sustainability at the heart of everything they do.

Pavitray Pillay, Manager of WWF-SASSI, comments: “FYN is being recognised because sustainability is more than a philosophy but also a practice and their team met all the criteria for the award from sourcing responsible, ecologically sustainable seafood to supporting local suppliers and taking into consideration the seasonality of the ingredients used.”

FYN restaurant representatives Jennifer Hugé, left, and Bea Malherbe, right, with the WWF -SASSI manager Pavitray Pillay, centre.

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