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Newly launched climate risk resources help SA businesses align to global best practice

WWF South Africa, along with our partners at Six Capitals Advisory, is excited to announce the release of a special edition publication themed around climate risk and investment. The publication has been put together by the South Africa-UK PACT country programme to support action on just-transition pathways and a low-carbon economic recovery.

In July 2020, the UK Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions programme (UK PACT) launched the South Africa-UK PACT. As one of the ten projects that was awarded UK PACT funding, the South Africa-UK PACT focuses on aligning South Africa’s climate-related exposure to global best practice. The project lead is DNA Economics, with The Green House, WWF South Africa, Six Capitals Advisory, Vivid Economics and Planetrics as partners.

Produced in partnership with South Africa-UK PACT, the special edition Atleha-edu publication provides an overview of climate risk and investment, as well as UK PACT-supported training webinars. The Climate-related financial disclosure: Aligning South Africa to global best practice publication focuses on climate risk, climate-related financial disclosure, and its growing importance for both corporates and investors – especially in a carbon-intensive economy such as South Africa.

The free training webinars are themed around climate risk and investment, and include a deep-dive into the following topics:

  1. Introduction to climate risk & investment

  2. Climate reporting trends & frameworks

  3. Governing & managing climate risk

  4. Determining the impact of climate risk

The effects of climate change will increasingly have a direct impact on the sustainability of companies and the financial returns paid by companies to their investors.

This makes it imperative for corporates and investors to integrate climate-related risks into their strategic and operational processes. In this vein, organisations, such as corporate and investment firms, are increasingly obligated to report on their climate risk exposure to their investors and other stakeholders – such as regulators, government, clients and employees.     
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