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Ford Wildlife Foundation assists Eastern Cape grasslands project

The Ford Wildlife Foundation is helping WWF South Africa to access the isolated, rugged roads of the high-altitude Grassland Biome within the northern region of the Eastern Cape.

High up in the magnificent, isolated mountains of the Eastern Cape on the Lesotho border, WWF has taken on the responsibility of establishing a new Grasslands Protected Area.

Aside from the spectacular landscape, this is also strategic water source area, for both underground and surface water. As water is a precious resource and sustains all humankind, fauna and flora, the conservation and improved management of the Eastern Cape Drakensberg Strategic Water Source Area is essential.

As a result, WWF, together with partners, such as the Ford Wildlife Foundation (FWF), have joined hands to secure this landscape in perpetuity for the benefit of present and future generations.

In enabling WWF to pursue the objective of establishing a dedicated high-altitude grassland protected area, the FWF has made a crucial contribution through the loan of a reliable and powerful project vehicle, fully dedicated to carry out all project-related activities, including:

  • The exploration and identification of several biodiversity hotspot areas  
  • Landowner engagement meetings across the project focal area
  • The exploration and identification of surrounding community sites
  • Access to project-related meetings and workshops
  • Ongoing support for partners within the landscape, and more.

WWF is greatly appreciative for the support and commitment towards enabling the project implementation. The ultimate goal is to secure more of the under-represented high-altitude Grassland Biome, the protection of the valuable biodiversity hot spot areas, improved management of the water catchment area, improved livelihoods and the sustainable utilisation of goods and services along with increased tourism opportunities for the benefits of present and future generation.

The Ford Wildlife Foundation bakkie in action in the southern Drakensberg.

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