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Green Outcomes Fund call to small green businesses and fund managers

Fund managers who invest in sustainable businesses which create positive environmental impacts can now apply to partner with the Green Outcomes Fund.

The Green Outcomes Fund is a blended-finance vehicle and green financial solution that supports green SMMEs and green investment funds by funding environmental outcomes around climate, water, waste and green jobs.

Green Investment Funds have until 15 May to put in an expression of interest to access this fund to support their environmental goals by clicking here. Green SMMEs looking for funding are also invited to register here if running a small business working in clean energy, waste, water, sustainable agriculture or developing green products.

Our planet is confronted with a growing number of risks stemming from the impacts that humans are having on the natural environment. Climate change, drought, waste management and biodiversity loss are some of the major sustainability challenges our planet is facing and there have been calls from all parts of society for action on these issues. Business as usual is no longer possible or desirable.

To enable potential solutions to some of the most critical challenges of our time, the Green Outcomes Fund (GOF) aims to drive support to entrepreneurs and investors who are active in the green economy.

The fund provides concessional matched funding to local investment funds (our Catalytic Finance Partners) on delivery of environmental outcomes in order to provide support and investments into local SMMEs that make a verified and measured environmental impact.

The fund was officially launched in early 2020 after securing funding from National Treasury’s Jobs Fund and other key partners. Over R90-million in public and philanthropic funding has been raised which has catalysed over R390-million in committed private capital, unlocking a total of over R480-million for SMMEs in the green economy.

The fund was started with support from the World Bank Climate Technology Program, with WWF-SA, UCT’s Bertha Centre and Green Cape as the main design partners. In addition, as an impact investment mechanism, GOF is aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aims to mobilise private capital in support of these global goals.


  • If you are an SMME operating in the green economy and wish to participate in the fund, register here.
  • If you are a investment fund with green businesses in your portfolio and are interested in becoming a Catalytic Funding Partner then register hereTo learn more about this expression of interest click here.
  • If you are a philanthropic funder, aid organisation, CSI Impact Investor or interested in allocating funds to the Green Outcomes fund you can send an email to cmaduray@wwf.org.za or greenoutcomes@green-cape.co.za
WWF’s Green Financial Solutions support the shift from unsustainable financial practices to a framework that integrates long-term environmental sustainability principles into investment portfolios.

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