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Notice: WWF office operations in light of Covid-19

WWF staff will be working remotely to limit the spread of Covid-19 but we continue to be operational during this difficult time.

Dear supporters, partners and friends,
The South African government has announced a national lockdown, in order to limit the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. In compliance with this instruction and in the best interests of our fellow citizens, WWF South Africa has closed all our offices and instructed our staff to continue to work from home with a further directive of self-isolation for high-risk cases. As of last week, WWF had already put into place a stay at home and self-isolation order. The lockdown now requires us to close our offices - without exception - until further notice.
It goes without saying that public events remain cancelled and that all business interactions will be conducted virtually.
During this increasingly challenging time, WWF will endeavour to remain operational and stay connected. We will continue to be available through various communication tools and apps, including Zoom, email, cell phones etc. We are fully committed to fulfilling our vision to Build a Sustainable and Equitable Future. For Nature. For You.
We take this opportunity to reach out to our partners, funders and stakeholders. Let’s continue to support each other and do our best to balance what is needed for our families, our work commitments, our communities, and our country. We wish you strength in the weeks to come. Please know that our determination to deliver on our important mandate continues. At the heart of this mandate is the well-being of South Africa’s people.
Stay strong. Stay healthy. Keep connected.
Please also see our Covid-19 information pack.
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In light of risks associated with Covid-19, WWF staff will only be available online.

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