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SA artists ‘woke’ to nature

WWF South Africa and some of the biggest names in urban culture collaborate on a new soundtrack from Instro featuring Reason HD.

Hip hop artist Reason HD, producer Instro and creative collective I See A Different You (ISADY) have joined forces to create a new smash hit, and it’s inspired by nature. ‘Back To The Source’ is the name of the track, with beats by Instro, lyrics by Reason and music video directed and shot by ISADY.

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The seeds of this creative collaboration were planted in 2017, when Reason and Instro joined WWF for the Journey of Water – a tough three-day hike that traced the path that water takes to reach our taps from the source: nature. “It really inspired me to appreciate where our water comes from, and that nature needs to be celebrated,” says Reason.  

The experience left a deep impression on both artists, and set in motion a collaborative process that hotted up last summer when Reason debuted the song at a WWF rooftop party billed #ForNatureForYou.

The song aims to remind South Africans that nature is critical to our survival and if we want to care for it, as individuals we must first reconnect in our own way. “This song reminds us that the highest honour is being good caretakers of nature,” says Instro.

“Being a part of this, we realised that the story we need to tell is that we often forget, amid the distractions and busyness of city life, that nature provides everything that we need and enjoy, from food to water to energy,” says Ongama Zazayokwe from ISADY.

Our lives are dominated by digital devices and connecting ‘virtually’, but we cannot forget that we all have an innate connection with nature.  Recognising this, including the role of nature in sustaining human life, WWF South Africa wants more young people to reconnect with the natural environment.

Reason Back To The Source music video
Reason HD performing Back To The Source at the WWF rooftop party.

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