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WWF goes to court over West Coast rock lobster

After numerous attempts over several years, the gravity of the future facing the West Coast rock lobster fishery and those people who depend on it, has compelled WWF to turn to the courts.

The Cape High Court commenced hearing the West Coast rock lobster action on 11 September. The court has adjourned to allow the parties to consider additional information before reconvening.

The court action centres on the department’s decision to set the 2017/18 total allowable catch for the West Coast rock lobster (WCRL) at a level which fundamentally undermines its long-term survival and the future of the fishers who depend on this valuable resource. 

A full list of the court papers submitted can be viewed here:

Answering affidavits:

Replying affidavits:

Download our infographics explaining why the survival of West Coast rock lobster matters and what the options are for the West Rock lobster fishery.
WWF is taking the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to court over its failure to safeguard the future of the West Coast rock lobster.

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