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Join the movement, Mzansi!

WWF South Africa breathed new life into Earth Hour. Instead of ‘switching off’, we asked you and all South Africans to join the Earth Hour movement and pledge 60 minutes of activity in support and celebration of our planet ahead of Earth Hour on 23 March 2024 at 8.30pm. Thanks for all the support!


Earth Hour offers a moment for solidarity and positivity, an opportunity to come together, to support family and friends, community and country, in fact all people and nature in celebration of the one home we all share: Earth. It shines as a beacon of hope in troubled times.

Earth hour around the world

Since 2007, Earth Hour has shone a spotlight on the issues of climate change and nature loss. It has expanded to over 190 countries and territories to become the world’s largest grassroots environmental campaign. It is a powerful reminder of the importance of our planet, the need to protect it, and how little time we have to do so. It started as a ‘switch off’ event, but in South Africa, where we are involuntarily switched off for hours at a time, we do Earth Hour a little differently, mobilising supporters to give an hour for Earth.