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Benguela Cove

​Located at the edge of the Atlantic coastline and on the Bot River Lagoon, and surrounded by the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, the Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate strongly believes in, and follows, environmentally friendly farming practices in their vineyards.

This family-owned estate in Hermanus has dedicated over 208 hectares of their farming land for conservation, ensuring the protection of many threatened species. These include our national bird, the blue crane, as well as the Cape honeybee which is of great importance as a pollinator in farming landscapes.

The estate is committed to adhering to WWF’s Conservation Champions’ standards to ensure that they farm without harming the environment. The farm has a weather station that helps them to closely manage their farming programme, with pressure indicators so that they can plan and apply vineyard treatment only when necessary and according to disease threats. They also use biological control agents to eliminate mealy bug, a type of insect which, if left untreated, is responsible for the roller leaf virus that is known to disrupt the flow of nutrients to shoots, leaves and vine fruit.

Area conserved: 208 ha
Location: Hermanus
Membership date: June 2021
Website: Benguela Cove

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