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Boschendal Wines, outside Franschhoek, has an abundance of striking indigenous trees including ironwood, yellowwood, stinkwood and wild olive.

Clearing of more than 500 hectares of alien vegetation – including acacias, hakeas and pines – has had a significant and positive impact on the birdlife, free movement of wildlife and most noticeably on the flow of small rivers that are fed by the nearby mountains. Four big streams now flow all year round, which, before the alien vegetation was cleared were dry for most of the summer months.

Cover crops in the vineyards enrich the soil, inhibit weed growth, help with the control of pests and manage soil erosion. Other water saving strategies include the removal of alien trees, thereby securing a natural constant water supply as well as investing in conservation-efficient irrigation systems.

Area conserved: 1, 024 ha
Location: Franschhoek
Membership date: 1 November 2005
Website: Boschendal

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