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Elgin Orchards

With 116 hectares under conservation in the Elgin Valley, Elgin Orchards has cleared alien vegetation from over 85 hectares on the farm, which connects to the World Heritage Site of the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve.

They are contributing to the revival of fynbos species and the return of many mammal and bird species in this special region.

Elgin Orchards has made a considerable financial investment into the restoration, protection and maintenance of natural water courses, buffer zones and other environmentally important ecosystems on the farm. The natural vegetation is thriving along the 6.6 kilometres of Palmiet River on the property and this natural river system is recovering, thus ensuring the good quality of the water.

All the employees of Elgin Orchards have been educated on conservation and have a good understanding of the value of protecting our shared natural resources and sharing in this responsibility.

Area conserved 116 ha

Location: Elgin

Membership date: 14 May 2008

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