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Cloof and Burgherspost Wine Estate

Situated in the Darling wine region, sister estates Cloof and Burgherspost cooperate closely in both farming and conservation matters.

With a combined total of 523 hectares under conservation, they contribute to the preservation of Swartland Granite Renosterveld and Atlantis Sand Fynbos – both highly endangered vegetation types.

Cloof and Burgherspost believe in diversified farming, not only to counter financial risk, but also to increase the value of investing in conservation strategies such as clearing of alien vegetation. Such activities are supervised by a full-time conservation manager.

On this West Coast land, there is also a game camp stocked with locally indigenous mammals, and nature drives are offered for visitors to experience conservation in agriculture.

Area conserved: 523 ha
Location: Darling 
Membership date: 11 December 2006
Website: Cloof and Burgherpost Wine Estate

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