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Chelidonichthys capensis

SA Names

Cape gurnard

SASSI Category


Capture or Production Info

Caught as bycatch in trawl fishery, also caught with handlines in certain areas

Biological Info

Bottom feeders, fairly fast growing


Pelagic over continental shelf and more inshore. Moves from deeper to shallower water during night


Temperate waters, west coast to E Cape. Also found off Australia, South America,  New Zealand and other islands in the Southern hemisphere

Conservation Notes

Probably the most well know of the South African linefish and the mainstay of the traditional linefishery in the Western Cape. Fast growth and nomadic lifestyle makes it a more resilient species. Seasonal movements or "snoek runs" can be highly variable and catches may fluctuate widely between years and localities. Quality of fish may vary between months. The same species is imported from New Zealand where it is caught by trawling, sold as "barracouta"

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