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According to a 2022 WWF-SASSI national consumer survey, consumers depend on and trust retailers and restaurants to make the sustainable seafood choice for them at the procurement stage.

However, in 2019 and 2021, 216 restaurants in South Africa completed an online survey about seafood species bought and sold in their businesses. This report collates the findings of the survey and reveals the top set menu – and seasonal menu – seafood items and shows that seasonal menu items include a larger array of WWF-SASSI red- and orange-listed seafood species. The report also shares the issues of traceability and transparency that the restaurant sector faces.
"On the menu" indicates that while restaurants may know where their seafood comes from, there is very little knowledge about catch methods and how this affects the sustainability of each species. The report is structured in a novel manner that offers a fun-to-use menu-style format for people in the food and hospitality sector to quickly find the variations of a seafood species, see the origins and catch methods and correlate how this affects the sustainability status.
Practical recommendations at the end of this report show simple actions that restaurant owners and managers can take to become leaders in the hospitality sector and custodians of our oceans by selling delicious sustainable seafood offerings to their patrons.

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On the menu: a sustainable seafood survey of South African restaurants

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