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Cover of the solar PV energy factsheet

Opportunities in South Africa's solar PV energy value chain

The push for more electricity generation, especially more renewable energy, is likely to result in a significant increase in solar photovoltaic (PV) projects across the country. This could in turn drive the local demand for solar PV components and related services.

There are currently very few local firms involved in manufacturing for solar PV. To advance a local market, there is a critical need for reliable and sustainable demand, as well as policy certainty in the solar space. While the Integrated Resource Plan provides that by 2030 the electricity generation mix is to comprise 10% of solar PV energy, a more ambitious IRP would result in an increase in solar PV demand.

With a concise introduction, this factsheet is centred around a two-page technical yet visually simple infographic which shows the main minerals, materials, metals and components in the solar PV manufacturing value chain. For the benefit of policymakers, small solar PV firms and other contenders in the renewable energy space, various insights and opportunities are highlighted along the value chain.

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Opportunities in South Africa's solar PV energy value chain

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