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Warwick Wine Estate

Situated in the foothills and mid-slopes of the Simonsberg Mountain near Stellenbosch, with altitudes ranging from 240 to 360 metres above sea level, Warwick strives to create a balance between nature and vines on their biodiversity-rich farm.

Covering almost 700 hectares of land, with nearly half (306 hectares) allocated to conservation, Warwick realises the significance of the interplay between humans, the vineyards and the natural environment. They are committed to nurturing and protecting nature, not only for their own benefit but for generations to come.

Their environmentally friendly practices range from using water sparingly to sowing cover crops such as lupins and radishes so as to naturally uplift soil compaction and promote microbial activity. They refrain from using harmful insecticides and encourage natural predators such as ladybugs instead. They do all this to achieve long-term harmony rather than short-term gains that would compromise the natural environment.

As a WWF Conservation Champion, Warwick believes that it is essential to look after the natural environment so that it can outlast us all.
Area conserved: 306 ha

Location: Stellenbosch

Membership date: May 2022

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