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Brumilda du Plessis

Program Accountant

Brumilda obtained her bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance in 2011 and joined WWF in 2012. As a devoted and detail-oriented accounting professional, Brumilda has been meeting the accounting needs of WWF. She provides support and advice to the technical and finance & grant administration teams, thus contributing towards an efficient work environment at WWF Namibia. Some of Brumilda’s duties include preparing payments, review and reconciling advances and capturing all transactions in the accounting system in a timely manner. She also assists with tracking the carbon footprint of staff air travel and makes sure they are offset through investments into renewable energy projects. Brumilda plays an important part in making sure that proper internal controls are adhered to for successful audits.

Brumilda enjoys her time with numbers and loves the challenges that the accounting field provides her, even more so because her contribution positively impacts the conservation efforts in Namibia.  

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