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Building resilience in small-scale fishing communities

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions exacerbated and amplified many pre-existing vulnerabilities in small-scale fishing communities. Small-scale fishers had difficulty adapting to the sudden changes and limitations in operations. These impacts were also not equal: fishers in some coastal provinces faced more devastating impacts than others.

This lessons from lockdown report captures fascinating data on the socio-economic differences between small-scale fishing communities, across the four coastal provinces of South Africa. It has strong graphics plus timelines of the local lockdown impacts, as well as the effects of China’s border closures on the global seafood trade. The export of rock lobster from South Africa was one specific fishery that was hard hit.

The report includes a few case studies, as well as anecdotal insights of the coastal livelihood challenges and opportunities that this global crisis has revealed. It also reaffirms, with a set of recommendations for resilience, that recovery from shocks like this will require a collaborative stakeholder approach.

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