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Bosman Wines

Bosman Wines is situated in the upper Hemel-en-Aarde Valley, close to Hermanus. As specialist vine growers, the Bosman family acquired the De Bos farm in 2000.

A concerted effort is being made to rehabilitate and conserve the uncultivated land on the farm, which is bursting with a wide variety of rare fynbos and other interesting plant species. Over 110 fynbos species have been identified to date, but this number will increase as additional discoveries are made. There are a variety of vegetation types across the farm, including dense wetland vegetation, small indigenous Afromontane forests as well as renosterveld. 

Besides the beautiful natural vegetation, hikers might be lucky to spot one of the two small families of grey rhebok living on the farm. The dense vegetation and water within the wetland area also provide habitat and feeding grounds for many bird species like the Cape weaver, yellow-rumped widow and Cape robin-chat, as well as bokmakierie and more rarely seen Burchell’s coucal.

To experience this wealth of biodiversity, there are two self-guided trails open to the public. Each has a variety of habitats to explore. A field guide – with insightful notes on the plants – is also available.

Area conserved:  186 ha
Location: Hermanus
Membership date: 30 Aug 2021
Website: Bosman

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