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Plastics: Facts and Futures

Plastic might have been one of humankind’s big inventions when it was first created in the 1950s, and now it has spiraled out of control beyond our wildest imaginings – one of our biggest problems!

This comprehensive report consolidates case studies and the status quo as well as the mounting evidence to highlight the risks of a business-as-usual path. It also  provides ideas for first steps to identify the levers to deliver significant positive impact in this complex system. This complexity means that no single organisation can solve the plastic pollution challenge by itself and that an inclusive, collaborative process with multiple stakeholders across the plastics value chain is needed.

Aimed at researchers, industry actors, policymakers and interested individuals, it explores the environmental and socio-economic impacts of plastic pollution in the South African context, with a focus on plastic packaging as a major contributor. WWF is advocating for the necessary shift from pollution management towards a circular economy in South Africa.

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Plastics: Facts and Futures

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