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Understanding and managing residential solar rooftop PV

As the utilities responsible for distributing 40% of electricity in South Africa, municipalities are at the centre of a rapidly changing electricity environment. Historically this was a linear system: municipalities purchased electricity from Eskom and sold it on to their customers. However, this system now includes small-scale embedded generators (SSEG), mainly in the form of rooftop solar photovoltaics (PV).

This briefing paper introduces an electricity decisionmaking tool for municipalities that illustrates the interplay of decisions made by municipalities and their individual electricity customers. It highlights how individual choices are both influenced by the state of the system and influence the state of the system in turn. It further provides municipal decision-makers with information to develop appropriate responses to manage the trade-offs between the installation of rooftop PV and their own municipal interests in a manner that supports their constitutional mandate to provide services in an equitable way. The electricity decision-making tool will assist municipalities in designing the best possible electricity system, vital for liveable and resilient cities and towns.

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Understanding and Managing Rooftop Solar PV

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