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Connecting South Africa’s wildlife, landscapes and people

South Africa is recognised for its wildlife, which forms part of our natural heritage and contributes to livelihoods and the country’s economy. If we want wildlife to flourish in South Africa, it is crucial to understand the diverse value it adds across all sectors of society.

WWF has been involved in species’ conservation in South Africa since the 1960s. We have since expanded our work to engage with communities living close to wildlife areas and to understand the economics of legal and illegal wildlife trade, while continuing to engage in conservation and management of key wildlife areas. Our holistic approach aims to connect the needs of people and wildlife towards a sustainable future.

This report contextualises wildlife conservation in South Africa, from its rich biodiversity and its associated value, to legal and illicit wildlife trade, through to how people are impacted by wildlife and illegal trade. In addition, it tells the story of WWF South Africa’s evolution in the wildlife conservation space. 

Striking infographics on illegal wildlife trade, fascinating fact files on iconic species and other interesting insights make this well-written report a pleasure to read. 

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Wildlife report 2019

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