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WWF reconnects people and nature with new campaign

We want to highlight the interconnectedness of people and nature.

South Africa is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, yet with the challenges of everyday life, the far reaching importance of nature is something we all too easily forget. WWF South Africa is reawakening consumer awareness of the impact we have on nature and how critical this in turn is to our quality of life.
“It is in ‘For Nature. For You.’ that we are emphasizing the relationship between people and nature while showing that caring about the environment also encompasses caring for people,” says Dr Morné du Plessis, CEO at WWF South Africa. “There is no easy way to get people to rally behind the cause but this is the beginning of the shift in people’s understanding of the WWF they think they know, to one that they want to support.”

There is no better time than now. We only have one planet, yet the natural resources that provide clean water, energy and nutritious food currently go far beyond what the environment is able to provide. A better future and a better world are only possible when these natural resources are nurtured for the benefit of all. How does nature impact our daily lives? It keeps the lights on, feeds our families, and provides clean water for us to drink. So when we care for nature, we care for you.
“Our work has always focused on bringing people and nature together but this hasn’t always been properly understood,” says Dr du Plessis. “With this campaign we want to highlight the interconnectedness of people and nature and how we all depend on a healthy natural environment for our wellbeing.”
In the months to come, WWF will focus efforts on creating widespread understanding and transparency in our work with various consumer initiatives designed to assist in bringing the, ‘For Nature. For You.’ message to life in communities across the country.

To show your support, follow this link to create and share your own 'For Nature. For You.' message here: wwf.org.za/fornatureforyou

For Nature. For You.

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