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Explore champion wine farms with WWF’s new app

WWF is proud to introduce a new, free mobile app that allows users to digitally explore Conservation Champion wine farms across the Western Cape.

Our Conservation Champion wine farmers, a group of committed landowners, are lauded for their commitment to sustainable land and water use practices in providing green wine.

The Champion Wine Farm Guide is a GPS-enabled digital collection of our 38 champion wine farms offering information on a variety of activities as well as a glance into their conservation journeys. It also provides special offers and promotions.

Having this information at their fingertips, tourists and holidaymakers will have an easy time planning their next day trip or weekend escape with a hike or mountain bike trail when choosing one of these farms to be assured of a spectacular experience in the heart of the floral kingdom.

To get the app, visit championwineguide.co.za.

The app making a difference
When pouring that glass of wine, most people don’t realise that the land cleared to grow our food - and grapes - has the largest impact on the indigenous insects, plants and animals that used to live harmoniously in these landscapes.

Compounding this is that, in South Africa, over 80% of land is either privately-owned or communal farmlands. This means that cropland and natural vegetation compete for co-existence.

In the Cape winelands, where rapid vineyard expansion took place in the early 2000s, this land was originally home to the unique Cape Floral Kingdom. Commonly known as fynbos, this is the world’s smallest plant kingdom and is found nowhere else on the planet.

This fine plant life is best enjoyed up close – something our champions fight to protect.

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