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Join #WatershedWednesday to save water in the office

WWF South Africa is calling on companies across South Africa to join us on 29 November 2017 to take part in #WatershedWednesday.

Amid ever-tightening water restrictions across the Western Cape, water awareness in domestic homes is higher than it’s ever been but the truth is that many of us continue to waste water out of home. This has to change.
Water consumption in Cape Town is too high. The aim is for less than 500 million litres per day. The current use is around 585 million litres per day – which is still 85 million litres too high.
This is why WWF South Africa is calling on companies in the Western Cape to sign up for #WatershedWednesday on 29 November 2017 by making a water sacrifice in the workplace for the day.
We want to create much-needed awareness that people should take their water-saving habits with them everywhere – be it at home, work or play.
For its #WatershedWednesday WWF South Africa is asking staff to bring their own (maximum 2-litre) water supply to work. All taps and urns will be off limits for the day outside of an hour’s reprieve from 12 noon to 1pm.

Statistics show that flushing toilets are currently the biggest consumer of potable water in the workplace – and so staff will also be encouraged to make use of “permission cubicles” where they can let the yellow mellow in good conscience.

This symbolic ‘’watershed moment’’ is to drive much-needed awareness that we cannot continue to leave our water-saving habits at home! We need to apply them in our offices, our businesses, our malls and other public places if we are to get through the drought together.
We can only save water while there is still water to save. Sign up for #WatershedWednesday now and make the shift towards a more water secure future.
WWF South Africa is calling on companies to participate in #WatershedWednesday on 29 November 2017.

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