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#EarthHourZA through the lens

#EarthHourZA 2017 has been the most inspiring yet! And it's because you keep showing us how much you care about our world.

#EarthHourZA events were hosted across the country and while we tried to attend them all, there were simply too many! We were absolutely spoiled for choice. So here are a few highlights:

Ahead of the Hour, the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town was lit up by our enthusiastic volunteers as they racked up signatures on our petition to Eskom:
 Entrepreneur Thato Kgatlhanye joined the chorus for a renewable energy future: Comedian Rob van Vuuren kept things light with his support: They went on to show that being in the dark doesn’t mean you have nothing to do:  At the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, organisers found a way to unplug during #EarthHourZA through the eclectic flair of Myrthe Buijs:  Gardens were transformed into mystical landscapes as people picnicked in the dark: Supporters added a “dab” of support!

WWF’s Shaheena Links and Nabeelah Khan demonstrate the power of collective action for Earth Hour.
Across the country, in Johannesburg, the College of Digital Photography innovated Earth Hour by using it as a gateway to teach its students about painting with light. The results were amazing: Some phenomenal images and innovative teaching that meant the Hour began long before the switch off: Everyone soon got into the spirit of things: Across SA, we saw incredible support for WWF-SA’s petition to Eskom:

Earth Hour 2017 supporters in Johannesburg don the WWF panda mask. Credit: College of Digital Photography

Students at the College of Digital Photography in Johannesburg experiment with painting with light for #EarthHourZA. Credit: College of Digital Photography

A young girl signs WWF-SA's petition to Eskom for #EarthHourZA 2017
Thank you South Africa for using your power for #EarthHourZA!

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