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Ragged tooth shark

Ragged tooth shark

Carcharius taurus

SA Names

Spotted ragged-tooth shark, raggie

Other Names

Sand tiger (Australia)

SASSI Category


Capture or Production Info

Caught by recreational boat anglers, and bycatch for commercial linefishers. Also caught in the KZN shark nets

Biological Info

Sluggish, slow-growing shark with migration, forms seasonal aggregations in regular locailities (e.g. Aliwal Shoal)


Inshore shallow water in bays


Agulhas Bank, SW and E Cape

Conservation Notes

Formerly only caught for use as bait by bottom trawlers, most tjokka in the last 20 years was caught by squid jigging boats. Resource well managed but this short lived species is prone to large annual fluctuations. Many imported species are available on market, especially from the Falkland Islands (Patagonian squid) and China (squid steaks). Some of these are caught by trawling

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