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Water comes from nature and we need safe drinking water to survive. Businesses need reliable water too. South Africa is already a water scarce country; the 30th driest in the world. We need to look after water at the source: nature.

Why does it matter?

Humans have drained, dammed and polluted critical water sources. Half of SA's river flow is provided by just 10% of land area, yet most of this land is underprotected. These water source areas are critical for food production and the sustenance of communities downstream.

Did you know?

South Africa has 22 strategic water source areas, 223 types of river ecosystems and 792 types of wetland ecosystems.

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What is WWF doing?

We've been working in catchments in South Africa for nearly 20 years. We're also involved with driving water stewardship initiatives with communities and corporations, identifying water risks and ensuring healthy water-supplying landscapes such as wetlands.

Journey of water

We raise awareness about the value of water and where it comes from - nature. We do this through our Journey of Water campaign, where we showcase key water source areas and remind people that water doesn't come from a tap.

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Join us in safeguarding our planet's water supply.

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