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Act now to ensure a water-secure tomorrow!

© Hougaard Malan / WWF-SA

Humans have drained, dammed, and polluted vast numbers of critical wetlands, rivers and aquifers – nature’s water storage and filtering powerhouses – thus diminishing the function of these natural systems to provide us with clean water. How do we ensure access to clean water for all, forever?

WWF works to improve the protection of the water source areas that supply more than 50% of the water in our rivers and dams, remove invasive alien trees, and implement water projects that improve people’s livelihoods and the environment. 

Water truly is life. And we need your support to ensure a water-secure future for all, forever. Make a donation today to support this critical work.


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How your donation helps

R100 could help us implement projects that improve livelihoods in poverty affected communities
R200 could help us protect more water source areas in South Africa
R300 could help us restore wetlands and grasslands
R500 could help us clear alien trees and vegetation
Thank you for your continued support!
Together we can ensure a water-secure future!