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Save the African penguin
© P Chadwick

When penguin numbers plummet that tells us something is wrong in our marine system, and we must pay attention.

African penguins are under pressure, their numbers dropping every year. They face predation pressure, both at the colonies and at sea. Cape fur seals are a significant predator in the water. Kelp gulls predate on eggs and chicks. At the mainland colonies, caracal and mongoose are also predators that can have substantial impact.

Climate change and the increase in frequency of extreme weather events are impacting the penguins through nest flooding and mortalities through hyper and hypothermia.

The largest threat currently is the reduced availability of their preferred prey, sardine and anchovy.

We must act now to save the African penguin.


R100 Donation could help with habitat improvement that increases shade for the African Penguin and limits exposure

R200 Donation could help with safely removing individual predators

R300 Donation could help with rescuing and rehabilitating oiled penguins

R500 Donation could help with removing eggs and chicks that are vulnerable

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What canaries are to coal mines, penguins are to our oceans.

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